American Studies Faculty

Bożenna Chylińska

Bożenna owns part of the beautiful Biała Forest in Northeastern Poland, which is a perfect site for observing nature. She loves reading only if it does not collide with her nature observation. In rare moments of nature’s inactivity, she writes books on her favorite topics, among them: Jewish American history (“In Search of Greener Pastures”: A Hundred Years of the Zionist Idea in the United States); Christian Ethic (The Gospel of Work and Wealth in the Puritan Ethic: From John Calvin to Benjamin Franklin); the Euro/Anglo–Atlantic Connections (The Mystique of the Northwest Passage: Martin Frobisher’s Voyages to the Arctic Wasteland).

Aneta Dybska

Her research and teaching reflect a long-term interest in urban studies, spatial practices, and social justice projects. In Regeneration, Citizenship, and Justice in the American City since the 1970s (Peter Lang, 2016) she explores the grassroots struggles for urban commons, such as community gardens and farms, through the prism of the “right to the city” idea and discourses of gentrification. Her current projects focus on two parallel developments in American race relations: reconciliation initiatives, on the one hand, and the populist backlash to identity politics, on the other.


Julia Fiedorczuk

Photo by Albert Zawada

Poet, writer, translator, and lecturer. She has published six volumes of poetry and received the prestigious Wisława Szymborska Prize. Julia is the author of several books of fiction, including the Nike-nominated novel Nieważkość, as well as essays on poetry and ecology. She has translated numerous American poets, and her own work has been translated into more than 20 languages. Her newest novel, Pod Słońcem was published by Wydawnictwo Literackie in Spring 2020.

Elżbieta Foltyńska

Zuzanna Ładyga

Since 2018, Vice-President of the European Association for American Studies, Zuzanna is primarily a specialist in literary theory and contemporary literature. Her latest book, The Labour of Laziness in American Literature (Edinburgh University Press 2019) is “a revelatory rereading of the US literary canon and an essential critique of Western culture norms,” according to one reviewer. She’s extremely nice also mostly against.

Ewa Łuczak

This is how Ewa introduces herself: “My dream life is that on the road: both geographically and intellectually. Apart from reading, I love theater, Miles Davis, and Whitney Houston, a glass of chardonnay from California and fast cars. And, should I say this? I am a soccer and zumba aficionado.” She is the author of Breeding and Eugenics in the American Literary Imagination (Palgrave, 2015).

Mirosław Miernik

Primary research interests include subcultures, contemporary American fiction, and how economy influences culture and literature. Enjoys reading, music, video games, as well as the strange and peculiar. That’s probably why he wrote Rolfe, Rose, Corvo, Crabbe: The Literary Images of Frederick Rolfe (Lang 2016). His newest book, Rethinking Fiction after the 2007/8 Financial Crisis: Consumption, Economics and the American Dream will be published in 2021 by Routledge.

Łukasz Muniowski

Writes on various topics, including gentrification, geek culture, American literature, video games, film, television series, and sports. When he is not writing or teaching, you will find him volunteering at a dog rescue foundation. He is the author of Three-Pointer! A 40-Year NBA History (McFarland, 2020) and Sixth Men: NBA History off the Bench (McFarland, 2021), and Narrating the NBA: Leading NBA Players after the Michael Jordan Era (Lexington, 2021).

Marek Paryż

Editor of scholarly journals, literary critic, and regular reviewer for the monthly Nowe Książki, fan of Depeche Mode, Westerns, and basketball (occasionally also a player), loves the sight of people reading books on the bus and gladly joins the company. He is the author of The Postcolonial and Imperial Experience in American Transcendentalism (Palgrave, 2012) and co-editor of The Post-2000 Film Western (Springer, 2015).

Tadeusz Pióro

Associate Professor. Interests: the language of literature, poetic diction, living dangerously. Latest book: Funtime, Endtime: Reading Frank O’Hara (2017).



Anna Pochmara

Photo by Rafał Kołsut

Apart from books, enjoys good hip-hop, punk, jazz, and symphonic orchestra concerts. Hates contemporary experimental theater. The author of The Making of the New Negro (Amsterdam University Press, 2011) and The Nadir and the Zenith: Temperance and Excess in the Early African American Novel (University of Georgia Press, 2021). She has just completed her project on alcohol use and is gradually moving on to the topic of drugs in the US.

Michał Różycki

Teacher, lecturer, and translator, with academic interests including radicalism in American history, most notably conspiracy theories, as well as cyberculture, science fiction and fantasy literature. Took up martial arts to fight their own procrastination. Enjoys new cooking recipes, the outdoors, and fashion. 


Justyna Wierzchowska

Justyna is passionate about art and psychoanalysis. For several years, she has been researching both in connection with affect theory and motherhood studies. Justyna is currently working on two interlinked books: Related for Life: Mothering in Contemporary Art and Self-Writing: Critical Theory after War World II. She believes in the significance of the primary bond(s).

Justyna Włodarczyk

Photo by Franciszka Tania Drozd

Justyna about herself: “My academic focus is animal studies, but it’s not just an academic interest: animals outnumber humans in my household and much of my life centers around my interspecies pack.” Justyna is the author of Genealogy of Obedience (Brill, 2018) and editor of Free Market Dogs (Purdue, 2016). In 2021, she was elected as the chair of the North American Cultures and Literatures Zakład.

Joanna Ziarkowska

Specializes in contemporary Native American literature. If she found a lamp with some well-meaning genie inside, she would ask for immediate relocation somewhere with no winter. Hopelessly addicted to coffee, reading, and medical drama. She is the author of Indigenous Bodies, Cells, and Genes (Routledge, 2020)



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